Competition Team

Falcon Gymnastics Competetive Team


As a member of the competitive team you have made a commitment.  All level 4 and above gymnasts are required to attend all scheduled meets.  All levels are required to attend all practices, if you cannot attend and know ahead of time, please write a note letting the coach know that your child will not be attending and on what dates.  If it is a last minute problem, please call and let the gym know that your child can not come.



The competitive program is organized and regulated by USA Gymnastics. The majority of the meets we attend will be sanctioned by the USAG.  Therefore all competitive gymnasts, Level 4 and up, must be registered with the USAG. 




All Team Programs are year-round commitments.  If a gymnast "takes a month off", her position on the team is not guaranteed.  She must be re-evaluated before being allowed back into the program.


Payment is due at the beginning of each month promptly.

Please call if you will miss a practice.

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