Getting Started!

Falcon Gymnastics is affiliated with the Slovak Gymnastic Union Sokol No 47 of Monessen Pa.   Sokol was founded in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1862 by Dr. Miroslav Tyrs.  He based his program on the democratic principles of the ancient Greeks and their idea of developing "a sound mind in a sound body".

Sokol came to the United States in 1865 and has continued to bring these ideals to people of all ages and abilities around the country for over 135 years.  Sokol USA was founded in 1896 in New York City as a benefit society based on the ideals of Tyrs.  Sokol USA continues to operate under these guidelines today offering a wide variety of life insurance benefits for all members. Lodge #47 was formed as part of Sokol USA in the 1920's and had operated in Monessen until the 1980's.  We were proud to re-activate Lodge #47 in Speers.  After a few years Sokol Lodge #47 was happy to move to it's current location in Rostraver Township.
The Lodge #47 philosophy is one that follows the ideals of Dr. Tyrs and Sokol USA; that of Physical Fitness through gymnastics and athletics for all ages and ability levels


Thanks for your interest in Falcon Gymnastics.  Feel free to browse around the website and get some information about us.  If you've decided to take the next step and are ready to join us then check out the links below.

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